Waterproofing wet areas in hotel projects and similar commercial use buildings

The History of wedi

wedi – the specialist and partner in waterproof and directly tileable building panels, customizable shower systems and many more modular design systems made for tile and stone finishes. Founded 36 years ago, the wedi group is still a family owned company today. The quality and innovation leader is active today in 36 countries and works closely with its distribution partners, architects and designers, national builders as well general contractors, providing for all their needs around wet room design and preparation prior to tiling. wedi product systems are top of the line choice products in the commercial or residential sector, whether it is about new construction or renovation. wedi is particularly active in the hospitality sector. wedi shower systems are the choice product- supporting fast track projects, lean budgeting and logistics, as well as a clean and sustainable.

Whether it is in new construction projects, additions or renovations, showers can be quickly and safely installed or re-designed for ADA and barrier free access shower spaces using wedi. Low profile, easily recessed shower systems like wedi Fundo Ligno operate without curbs. Also available are wedi’s ADA compliant ramps, which connect to wedi Primo shower systems. All wedi shower system models come in a variety of sizes allowing larger spaces for more freedom of unobstructed movement and use. Once tiled, the wedi products perform well under heavy point loads resting on smaller tile, such as from a wheelchair. Seats, benches, recess niches for shampoo and utensils are offered in great design variety and allow to build-in much comfort and functionality.