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When it comes to choosing the best waterproofing system for custom tiled showers, wedi’s 40 years of experience as a market leading premium brand speaks for itself.

wedi innovates and brings new products to sell to market every year, and they are sourced and manufactured either in the USA or in Germany.


Every day, new customers approach wedi and ask where they can purchase our premium products from. By becoming a wedi Authorized Dealer, we can direct those customers to you!


By becoming a wedi Authorized Dealer, you will gain access to wedi’s support and added value services:

  Local wedi Technical Sales Support Managers will help get you set up with displays and sales supporting tools and  we train your sales team on our “wedi in 5-steps” sales and shower project selection process. We follow up when new products arrive or when you are onboarding new showroom personnel.

  You receive access to our “wedi in 5 steps” shower configurator tool to simplify job quotes and orders.

  You receive updates on new wedi tools and products.

  You have access to wedi imagery and copy for your website or campaigns.

  We make sure to keep you involved in our training and certification programs such as our 1 or 2 day wedi PRO certification classes.

  Importantly, we provide leads and customers can find you on our “ Where to buy wedi” locator on

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wedi Authorized Dealer MAP Pricing Policy:
The efforts of successfully marketing wedi products requires knowledge and constant training of our distribution and retail partners. This training is supported by wedi through the variety of tools made available. However, wedi must enable and encourage its trading partners to ensure profit margins through selling wedi products that will allow them to participate in wedi training programs, knowledge training and promoting the proper application and safe installation of wedi products.

The success of wedi’s high quality products and the integrity of the wedi brand and its trading partners is communicated through and depends on a stable pricing structure in the market places and its various channels of communication. This structure is the wedi MAP policy.

In executing and enforcing this MAP Policy, wedi will act at all times unilaterally and will neither solicit, consider, nor agree to any recommendation, request or demand of any other person. All matters of interpretation and application of the terms of this MAP Policy and all matters concerning enforcement of this MAP Policy shall remain with the sole, unilateral authority of wedi. wedi does not ask for, nor will it accept any assurance of compliance or agreement with this MAP Policy.
By establishing our MAP policy for use in advertising sales of wedi brand products, wedi attempts to maintain and appropriate perceived value of our products’ brand and trade name and trademark within our industries and in the minds of our customers. This policy applies to all sales and advertisements with in the United States and Canada.

The advertising of a selling price below or above wedi’s Suggested Retail Pricing MAP structure is not approved except if within the following permitted discount range/ deviation for each defined customer group in the referenced trade value chain:
• Advertised sales to Retail Customers (end consumers): Minimum price permitted is wedi Suggested Retail Price less a maximum of 5% Discount.
• Advertised sales to Volume Dealers: Recommended Discount: Suggested Retail Price less 44%; Permitted deviation: Suggested Retail Price less 40% to 45% Discount
• Advertised sales to Contractors: Recommended Discount: Suggested Retail Price less 30%; Permitted deviation: Suggested Retail Price less 28% to 32% Discount
*Definition of Volume Dealer. This customer is a retailer or store operating from a physical showroom. Permitted advertised discounts should be reasonably offered based on purchasing volume actual or potential.

All advertised pricing as referenced is meant as free of freight and other fees or surcharges. If any apply, these should be transparently communicated to the potential buyer.

This policy only pertains to advertising wedi products.
In no way does and can wedi’s MAP policy restrict the actual sales price of the item during conduct of actual sales transactions. wedi does , however, prohibit the use of its brand name, trade mark protected symbols including but not limited to Logos and tools made available to a reseller in all forms of advertising a price not consistent with wedi’s MAP policy. This prohibition is applicable to the communication or advertising forms as follows but not limited to: Flyers, Magazines or Newspapers, Catalogs, the Internet , Mailings in paper or electronically, Fax or Email and other means of publication outside a point of sale inside a physical store. This policy is not applicable to in store displays or other forms of publications in store that merely state the price or simply state “lowest price” or similar competitive statements.

wedi does recognize internet sales and stores as virtual stores and wedi’s MAP policy applies to all immediately shown or advertised prices. If the price shown in internet or virtual stores is publicly accessible wedi requires pricing for Retail Consumers (end consumers) within the permitted range as shown as outlined above.
It in no way applies to any actual sales price offered at the moment a wedi product enters the “shopping cart” during a regular sales transaction.

All use of wedi Logos, Trademark signs and Brand or other Copyright protected items needs wedi’s official, written authorization before use on the internet by any other party than wedi itself.
Noncompliance with wedi’s MAP policy will lead to reevaluation of wedi support of the non-compliant party.