wedi – What’s Under Your Tile?   


wedi, pronounced “vee-dee,” is a family owned German company.  We invented the original “wedi Building Panel”, the first inherently waterproof tile backer board, which we continue to make today, in 1983.

Taking it from there we have developed our wedi technology to engineer, design, and make complete shower systems that will help you build and protect your entire custom tiled shower and wet room design from floor to ceiling.

Every wedi product and our complete wedi shower systems are made with two principles in mind: we use only premium quality raw materials and we build all the needed performances into one product.

We also design these products to perfectly fit into our modular shower systems with as few parts to put together as possible.

The simple nature of the wedi shower system helps prepare tiled showers very fast, because it includes relatively few parts and pieces, and is easy to understand and assemble.  This helps the installer to create a more consistent shower installation that reduces the likelihood of error, and is fully backed by a unique manufacturers’ warranty.

Both the premium material quality and the complete and consistent installation concept ensure that wedi showers last decades.

Today, we manufacture in two wedi factories: in Germany, and in Batavia, Illinois. Our company is active across the globe and is over 500 employees strong. Our goal is to make a product that offers added value because it includes more quality, more built-in benefits,  and is more efficient.

We want to make safe and complete installation systems, and we understand how every single wedi product performs within a whole wedi installation system over time. Our products will later be finished with tile or stone, so we know they’ll be doing fine as they work below the surface.

We are doing lots of researching and designing in our wedi laboratories and workshops, so we can offer and respond to what we understand our customers want from a building material product.

Whether you are a professional or DIY installer, a builder, an architect or interior designer, we are there for you and always close by on the installation site.

That’s how we believe we understand best.

All we do is done by following a lean concept and processes so we avoid any unnecessary waste in any part of the company’s operation.

We improve and reduce our impact on our environment in the best way we can. We make our product from a core material which is a plastic, and is not organic. This is a choice that allows our customers to build sustainable installations and buildings, however.

Our product adds insulation to save energy, and reduces mold and mildew for cleaner air. Most importantly, wedi showers last. This massively reduces the need for replacements, which have a much higher negative impact on our environment each time they happen.

At wedi in Batavia, we source over 99% of our raw materials and product we need from safe and local partners in North America, mostly from partners located in neighboring states, and we also source and make products in Germany which are imported into the US.

Since 2017, we have started to build up our manufacturing in Batavia and by 2024, we will produce all our wedi products in Batavia proudly “ Made in the USA” and also source 100% of all materials and product needed in North America.


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