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wedi shower systems are the premier choice for tiled showers and surrounds, ideal for fast-track projects with our waterproof XPS foam core product system. These prefabricated, pre-sloped, and inherently waterproof systems reduce labor and enhance efficiency from the start.

We provide on-site technical support through our local representatives, ensuring certified installation and top-quality results. Coupled with wedi’s 10, 15, and 20-year full-service warranties, we offer unmatched peace of mind.

Ideal for new construction, additions, or renovations, wedi showers are installed quickly and safely using a simple, modular, and repeatable process, while still allowing for on-site customization when needed.

Our extensive design options cater to specific project needs, including ADA barrier-free access showers with the low-profile wedi Fundo Curbless Shower Base, tub replacement showers with a curb, and linear/trench drain systems to highlight or hide drains. We also provide custom solutions for unique specifications.

All wedi shower systems come in various sizes with a selection of drain cover designs. Once tiled, Wedi bases perform exceptionally well under heavy point loads, such as wheelchairs. Additionally, we offer a variety of wall backer boards, seats, benches, and recess niches to enhance comfort and functionality.

For information on available AIA CEU classes, the wedi master spec booklet, and other important documentation, please wedi by using the contact form in our menu bar, or by calling us at: (847) 357-9815